The Top Summer Wedding Mistakes and How-to Avoid Them

Having a summer wedding is a wonderful thing, because you get to be outside in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Having nature all around you make for stunning backdrops. Pictures in natural light always come out wonderful too. Remembering the safety and comfort of your guests in the heat is key to having a successful day. There are several mistakes typically overlooked with an summer wedding, but they are fixable if you pay attention, and make proper preparations.

Skimping on the Tent
Shade is essential for an outdoor wedding, so remember the tent. Your guests will include the elderly, loved ones with health issues, and young children. Being under a tent lowers the temperature by at least 10 degrees, sometimes more. Providing some shade will give your guests relief from the heat.

Forgetting to Provide Water
Your guests need to be provided water at all times with an outdoor summer wedding. They may not know where the closest faucet is located, so having containers full of water bottles, or a watering station nearby is imperative. Having the ambulance visit during your ceremony is not the memory you want to recall from your wedding.

Failure to Provide a Fan
There needs to be a breeze to cool off the air. Your guests would appreciate having an individual fan, or an electric fan blowing on them while they wait in the sunshine for the ceremony to begin. You are not outside while they are assembling for the wedding. By the time you make your grand entrance, they have already be outside at least 30 minutes, some longer.

Inadequate Food Protection
Being outside, the food is attracting bugs, and the heat is melting the potato salad. The wedding feast is ready and waiting during the ceremony, until it’s time for the reception. Remember to have food covers or lids to protect against pests. Also, having a tray of ice under anything that needs to remain cold is a good idea. Assign someone to be over the food, and to look out for safety issues. You sure don’t want all your guests getting sick from the wedding reception.

Now you know the top summer wedding mistakes and how-to avoid them for your special day. If you take care of these important safety hazards, the focus of the wedding will be where it’s suppose to be, on you. Having a tent for shade, a water station for hydration, a fan providing a breeze, and food protection will insure a successful day for all. The safety and comfort of your guests is your responsibility; they depend on you.

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