No Drama: Pope Meets Trump As Part Of European Tour

An awestruck Donald Trump has met Pope Francis at the Vatican for talks and stated his determination to try and bring peace into the world.

The meeting, which was fairly short lived, brought the leader of the free world head to head with the leader of the biggest Christian denomination.

Trump has declared himself to be honoured to have met the Pontiff.

His trip to Italy comes straight after he visited Israel and the Middle East earlier this week.

The meeting was not scheduled until the last minute and the President was escorted by the Swiss Guard.

It has been reported that the Pope seemed slightly less genial than he is accustomed to being with his other, important guests. And for his part, Donald Trump was rather more subdued.

However, after the thirty minute meeting, both parties appeared to be in good spirits.

There has been tension between the pair in the past, over issues such as the proposed Mexico US wall and climate change, to name but two.

In fact, the Pope visited the border between Mexico and the United States in the wake of the then presidential candidate’s election pledge to build a wall between the two nations, stating that anyone who chose to build walls, instead of bridges could not be Christian.

At the time, Donald Trump reacted angrily to his comments.

This was far from the only matter the pair have openly disagreed about. During the controversial travel ban, from six countries which were majority Muslim, the Pope reminded him that the Bible states that “we too are foreigners”.

The pair offered each other gifts as the meeting concluded.

Pope Francis gave the President one of his own texts, on the subject of environmental protection. The President duly has promised to read them.

The Pope also bestowed upon Mr. Trump a sculptured olive tree, as a symbol for the peace that he hoped the President would be able to bring to the world.

It was a sentiment that the President echoed himself. In return, Mr. Trump presented the Pope a collection of works by Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader.

Whilst in Italy, Donald Trump also met the Italian prime minister and president.

Not everyone in Italy has been as happy about the visit of the President. Security has been heavy and there was a protest by about a hundred people, objecting to his presence.

For Melania, the President’s wife and also a Catholic, the visit was a chance to have the Pope bless her rosary, which he did.

She also visited the Sistine Chapel as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. Following this she went to a children’s hospital and chatted to the young patients, in Italian.

More protests are anticipated when Mr. Trump will later meet officials of both NATO and the EU.

His tour will conclude in Sicily, on Friday for the G7 summit. Whether the President will keep his pledge to pursue peace for the world, remains to be seen.