How-to Use Tent Stakes in Everyday Life

You can find them in garages, storage sheds, basements, and attics all over America, tent stakes. The metal ones are made of steel with an “L” bend at the end, then they evolved over time into the yellow plastic stakes with a hook at the end that we are all so familiar with, but you can buy both. They were colored yellow to prevent campers from tripping on them and bringing the tent down.
But what can you do with them if you have a camper that really does not need to be anchored? Let’s get your creative juices flowing.

In the Yard

Tent stakes are wonderful things to keep in your gardening bucket. They are sturdy enough to aerate the flower beds, Loosening the soil around the roots, and allowing water to reach the roots. They are sturdy enough to poke deep enough holes in the soil for planting seeds, or they can also be used to stake up fragile plants.
Is it party or yard sale time? Use tent stakes to anchor your helium balloons along the driveway or by the road.
Solar lights are not only attractive, but they also increase security around dark areas of your home, but the poles that come with them are usually flimsy things that break easily. Use your old plastic stakes to mount your solar lights and they will stay steady and beautiful for seasons to come.

At the Campsite

You may not need them for tents, but be sure to take your metal stakes along anyway. Place four to six of them around your campfire to create a stand for a kettle or frying pan. Use one to lift the lid of your kettle instead of risking getting a towel too close to the fire and burning yourself.
If you have the style with the tapered ends, you can hammer one in a tree and hang your food from it to deter unwanted guests.
They also have many other applications in a survival situation.

In the Home

Keep a few of both styles in your utility drawer. They can be used in a window that will not stay up, fishing something out of the drain, and extending your reach in a high cabinet.
Bakers will appreciate the ease of hooking the oven rack and pulling it out to check the food instead of having your dish towel burst into flames from touching the heating elements.
You can even use them as flower hangers.

There are literally hundreds of more ways to use tent stakes to simplify your life. So when you come across these handy tools in your shed, don’t throw them out, throw them into the mix.

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