How to Lose Weight in the Fall

The summer season lends itself well to weight loss. It’s hot enough to work out outdoors, produce like watermelon is in season and let’s face it, the presence of bikini-clad hard bodies serves as great motivation. However, a lot of people experience a weight loss plateau in autumn, oftentimes gaining back whatever they lost during the summer. If you want to maintain your summer weight loss or shed even more pounds, then follow these tips to have your healthiest fall ever.

Don’t Skip, Substitute

If you want to ensure that you end up overeating, then deprive yourself of everything. The fastest way to make yourself miserable and end up succumbing to a binge is by saying no to every fall treat that’s offered to you. The key isn’t to deprive yourself completely, but to rather make health substitutions. Instead of a full-fat pumpkin spice latte, order the same drink with skim or almond milk. Instead of apple pie, make a healthy apple oatmeal crumble. The key is to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way, rendering you less likely to feel deprived and binge later.

Explore Classes

In early autumn, the weather is perfect for jogging and hiking. As the months progress, however, weather can force you to stay indoors. Don’t eschew workouts just because the temperature has dropped. Instead, look into trying new classes and indoor activities. Classes like spinning and yoga are a great way to get in shape while also having fun and developing a new skill.

Don’t Hide Your Figure

Summer clothes put your figure on display for all of the world to see. This can be a great motivator for weight loss. However, fall sweaters and coats can be more forgiving. Don’t retreat into bad habits and then mask your weight gain with a fall sweater. Instead, look for form-fitting autumn ensembles that will give you that little bit of encouragement you need to keep losing weight.

Partake In Fun Fall Activities

Fall doesn’t have to be about sitting inside by the fire sipping hot cider. Instead, embrace the season by partaking in fall activities that burn calories. Try turning raking leaves into a cardio workout by trying to get the whole task done under a certain amount of time. Spend an extended amount of time at a pumpkin patch hiking the rows of pumpkins. Use these fun fall activities to your advantage on your weight loss journey.

Just because summer is gone for now doesn’t mean that your weight loss needs to halt. If you follow these tips, you can keep losing weight no matter how the seasons change.

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