How to Decorate for a Pool Party Without Breaking the Bank

The weather is warming up, and it is time to have a pool party! You have the pool and you have the friends, but you need a way to keep the costs down to not break the bank. Besides, you don’t want to have one pool party this summer, but many. You can have many pool parties, if you decorate with thought, instead of spending tons of money. Here are some great ways to decorate for your pool party, without breaking the bank.

Freshen the Space
Take some time to clean the space. This includes the pool area, the restroom, the grassy area nearby, and the entrance into the space. Clear any clutter, and store away any items that don’t belong in this space. If there are any garden areas in this space, weed them and clear away the dead plants from the winter. Clean any pool toys, and organize them neatly like a store display. Put away any pool chemicals, brushes, and the pool vacuum into storage out of sight. Just by doing this step, the space is already welcoming.

Rework What You Already Have
Look around your home and see what you already have that you can use in a different way. Rearrange the outdoor furniture. Remember any birthday party decorating items you may have stashed in your home; you can rework them for decorating the space for your pool party. Candles work great for nighttime pool parties bringing ambient lighting. If it’s a party around the pool without swimming, floating candles are a fantastic elegant display. You don’t have to go to the store and purchase a costly array of decorations; reuse what you have.

Use Food as the Focus
At most pool parties, food is served. Get double duty out of your food, and use it as the display focus. Set up a table front and center near the pool area. Have the food in a presentation, not in a potluck style with a variety of unmatched pots and bowls. Presentation is the key. Hang a banner, a swag, or a wreath on the wall behind the table to draw attention to the space. When your guests arrive, they will focus on the beautiful table, and the yummy food.

Don’t hold back from inviting your friends and family over to use your pool. A pool is a great asset to share with others. It is there to be used and enjoyed. By keeping your pool space fresh, using what you already have to decorate, and using the food as the focus, you can have a pool party without breaking the bank!

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