We are looking for nominations for the Best Political News Awards of 2017.


This could be the post or article that has inspired you the most over the past twelve months.

How should you judge this? Well, it is all up to you, the reader, to decide that.

It may be the article with the highest number of shares to social media. It could be one which has touched you personally, for a number of reasons. It might be that it was shared to either a friend’s wall or your own and that the debate which it sparked off changed your opinion about something.

Because shaping opinion and changing people’s minds is every bit as important in our line of work as simply informing people of the news.

Not that we are seeking to influence anyone’s thought in any particular direction: we leave that up to you. We report the facts as they are and hope that our reportage will spark off a debate and promote an understanding of the topic being discussed.

And for the most part, it does.

Here at AJS we have been honored to feel a part of the process that people participate in, when they interact with the world.

We are proud to be at the fore of the discussions and a leading forum for people to get together and air their views, in safety.

For this reason, it is not only the best political news article which we are seeking nominations for.


We are also undertaking a search for the Best Political Journalist on our site.

In our (unbiased!) opinion, all our journalists are consummate professionals in their field and each one of them has a unique insight into the realm of politics.

However, we are looking for nominations for the one person who our readers think have gone above and beyond, in the call of their duty, to report on political matters.

This could be by an act of personal bravery, maybe following a story or an interviewee into a conflict zone or putting themselves in danger in some way.

But it does not necessarily have to be so dramatic.

The Best Political Journalist will also be someone who makes you think, who has put their point across in a sensitive and convincing manner and possibly changed your view point.


In addition to these two awards, we are also looking for nominations for the best political blog of 2017.

We have several bloggers and political commentators, some of them on a regular basis and many of them on an occasional one.

Our blogs are frequently the most widely read and subscribed to section of our fast moving and vibrant website.

It is only right, therefore, that we should choose to honor these lively contributions to our site.

So, who is your favorite blogger writing for our site? And why? Who is the person whose political sketches make you laugh out loud and whose writing is it that can move you to tears?

We would love to hear your suggestions for all three categories in our political news pages and can’t wait to receive your nominations!