About Us

AJS.org is a not for profit site, set up for the sharing of news in political, social, and economy matters.

If it is happening now and affecting the world, we want to hear about it and then bring it to our audience’s attention.

And our audience is growing daily.

Based in Washington, our readership extends far beyond the local or even national borders. We have subscribers in all continents of the globe and a substantial number of our readership say they like to keep abreast of issues happening at home, and away, from foreign shores.

Our prime motivation has been to tell stories and give information to people, in an easy and accessible manner. Our website is designed to be used by anyone, from the general reader, to academics. We do not seek to confuse or alienate anyone with our choice of language.

Where there is an issue which may be contentious or difficult to follow, we will supply the background information necessary for the reader to come away with a fuller understanding of the matter.

We do so in a manner which simply informs and aids the reader with their knowledge of the subject, not to patronize or tell them how to think.

Furthermore, we value your contributions and feedback. We enable comments on our blogs for lively and interesting debate.

However, we do respectfully request that all comments be kept polite and constructive. Any abusive or inappropriate posts will be removed.

Our journalists also make their contributions available for online comments and discussion. Often, they will add to the debate themselves by responding to the comments. We feel this is a valuable thing for journalists to do and we welcome their inclusion in the debate.

We have been helping bring people together, to debate the important issues in politics, economics and social affairs since 2007.

We hope you will join us.