7 Things to Understand About the Moving Process

Whether you are moving across the country or across the street, it is a new, exciting stage in life. Despite that, the logistics of physically relocating can be a little daunting. Months before your big move, there are a few things to understand about the process.

1 – You Should Not Expect To Bring Everything

Some people do pack every little thing onto the moving truck, leaving absolutely nothing behind. You should really think about the value of each item. Many of us have a random kitchen appliance like a popcorn maker that we use once a year. Leave it behind.

2 – Compare Movers

It might be tempting and convenient to just use the first moving company that you encounter. But they were not all created equal. Ideally, you would try to find a referral from friends. If you cannot find one, do some research online. Ask them about previous clients.

3 – Get A Binding Estimate

Many of us have heard horror stories of contractors who provided an estimate and then exceeded it by thousands of dollars. If you get a binding estimate, they will not be allowed to exceed the estimate by more than 10%.

4 – New Boxes Are Probably Too Expensive

If you have a few weeks before the move, do some research into where you can find some used boxes. Go to the local grocery store and see what they are recycling. Look on Craigslist.

5 – Don’t Unpack Everything Right Away

It will just stress you out, and you probably do not need to unpack the box of baseball cards just yet. Open a few essentials and then unpack everything else in the course of the next few days.

6 – Start Packing Months In Advance

One of the most common moving mistakes is for the mover to think that she can accomplish everything in a single weekend. The problem is that there is a lot more to pack than she might expect. Think of all of the Christmas supplies in the attic, everything in the kitchen drawers and in cabinets. The house is full of stuff that you probably never use but will want to bring.

7 – Remember To Tell People That You Moved

The last thing that you want is for your mail to go to your old house. Notify the post office, your health insurance provider, your favorite bill collectors, and pretty much anyone with whom you have correspondence.

While moving can be an intimidating prospect, many have found that with a little preparation and research, they have been able to reduce their stress and enjoy an easy transition.

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