6 Ways to Get Your Summer Body

Everyone wants to have a summer body that allows them to confidently lounge poolside or spend time at the beach while showing a bit of skin. Although you may not feel like you’re ready to get into your swimwear, there’s still time to shed a few pounds and tone your muscles. If you want to obtain your summer body, there are a few important steps to take.

1. Count Calories

According to muscleandfitness.com, winging your diet won’t allow you to obtain the same results instead of remaining strict with yourself. Count your calories and keep a food journal to ensure that you begin to make progress. Start with 12 calories for each pound of lean body mass to determine how much you need to consume each day.

2. Get a Tan

Tan skin shows off muscle definition on the abs, arms, and legs, making it necessary to get a spray tan or spend more hours laying out in the sun, according to instyle.com. You can even make your abs more defined by tracing a line from your belly button to your sternum to highlight your muscle mass.

3. Begin Weight Training

Weight training is essential to losing excess weight and becoming toned to ensure that you can clear up cellulite and avoid being skinny fat on the beach. Start weight training three to four days each week and work on specific parts of your body each time you visit the gym.

4. Perform Cardio

Cardio is necessary to lose weight and increase your heart rate as you attempt to slim down for the summer season. Consider performing exercises like running, bike riding, and dancing to burn plenty of calories in a short amount of time.

5. Wax Excess Body Hair

Body hair that is present on your underarms or back can be unsightly and distract from your slim figure, making it necessary to remove unwanted hair that has grown out during the winter season. Waxing removes the hair at the root and creates a cleaner appearance while also avoiding razor burning. You can go for more extended periods of time between waxing compared to shaving, making it the best method.

6. Eat Clean

Eating natural, whole foods will allow you to have a clean diet that will help you to feel confident and shed excess weight. Avoid eating fried foods or a high amount of sodium which can lead to bloating and will make you develop a pooch around your mid-section.

Getting a summer body doesn’t have to be impossible or intimidating if you follow the right tips. With a bit of discipline, you can transform your figure and feel confident in your bikini or trunks.

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