6 Items to Keep With You During the Moving Process

It’s easy to grab the boxes and start packing everything you own when it’s time to move, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Moving is already stressful enough for almost everyone no matter how exciting it is at the same time. As you begin the process of packing, it’s imperative you remember there are several things to leave out of the boxes and keep close to your person instead. These things are too valuable, too important, and too dangerous to pack otherwise.


If it’s antique, heirloom, or at all expensive, it’s time to put it in a jewelry box on your person and keep it there. Don’t put it in a box. Don’t pack it with the movers. Keep it on you, and don’t allow it out of your sight.

Important Paperwork

Social security cards, financial information, and any other personal paperwork doesn’t get put into boxes in a moving truck. It gets put into your car where you can see it throughout the process of moving.

Flammable Items

These aren’t for the moving truck. You might want to take them with you, but you can’t. Now is the time to call your local disposal location, the police’s non-emergency line, or even the local fire department to find out how you can safely dispose of these items. You can always buy more gas for your lawn mower when you get to where you’re moving.


If you can’t keep them on you when you move, ask your pharmacist how to get them to a new pharmacy. Many pharmacists are happy to work with you as you turn in your current medication so they can prescribe you a new container to pick up where you’re moving. It’s not safe to pack these, and it’s often unsafe to travel with them.


You might want to pack your firearms with the moving company, but you shouldn’t. The best way to transport these is to transport them yourself and immediately find a safe and secure location for them in your new home so your kids can’t find them and play with them. If you cannot take them where you’re moving, ask the police how to handle selling or disposing of them properly and legally.


It should go without saying, but pets need to be kept with you in a cool and safe environment. It’s not safe to put a pet in a moving truck or entrust anyone else to keep them safe. This might mean buying your dog or cat space on a flight, but it’s worth it to keep your beloved furry friend safe and healthy during your move.

Not everything should go with the movers or into a box. If you’re unsure about how to properly pack or ship anything you own, the local fire or police departments are both here to help you answer any questions you might have. Be sure about everything, and call if you’re not.

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