4 Tips for Updating Your Summer Closet While On A Budget

Summer is in the air, and it’s time to say farewell to the heavy coats, jeans, and comfortable sweaters in favor of swimsuits and sundresses. If your budget is a bit on the bleak side this summer, have no fear. There are plenty of opportunities for you to update your summer closet without breaking the bank. You must only know where to shop, how to shop, and how to find the best possible deals.

Shop Slightly Used Items

If you’ve never considered shopping online to buy name-brand clothes for a fraction of the price, it’s time to start. Sites like thredup.com are perfect for you to pick up clothes from your favorite brands for next to nothing, which means big savings on new-to-you clothes. If you’re worried they might be of poor quality, don’t worry. Each item is carefully examined before the site allows it to list, which means everything is in good to excellent condition.

Host a Clothes Swap

If you’re tired of your current summer closet, consider you’re not the only one. Perhaps your girlfriends are also tired of theirs, and they might want to find an inexpensive way to update their own closets. Try hosting a clothing exchange where you all shop one another’s unwanted items for new fashions. It’s fun, and it’s free.

Don’t Worry About Labels

You needn’t wear the latest Lilly Pulitzer or Diane Von Furstenberg to look amazing this summer. Stores like Old Navy and Forever 21 sell maxi dresses, fun tops, cute shorts, and swimsuits you can pick up for next to nothing and really enjoy your new purchase. It’s trendy and won’t be anything you want next year, but you’re not paying enough for these items to care if they last longer than a year.

Upgrade Your Accessories

Sometimes the best way to afford a closet upgrade is through your accessories. Your basic pieces can look a lot more stylish when you have trendy jewelry and shoes. Throw on a pretty scarf over a basic shirtdress for a fun effect, or consider updating your earrings to include something bold and big to make a statement. It helps more than you might imagine.

Your closet needn’t be filled with designer duds to make it stylish. Sometimes the best way to update your summer look is to go for basics. Classic chic is a look you can accomplish easily by avoiding trendy pieces, by dressing up what you already have, and by rocking things you might not typically pair together. Use social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest for fashion inspiration to see what you can recreate out of what you already have. Most of the time your summer closet is already impressive and you simply don’t realize.

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