3 Post-Workout Meals for Quicker Recovery

What you eat post-workout is crucial for determining how quickly you recover. Muscles require certain nutrients to repair after they’ve been subjected to strenuous physical activity. By making sure you eat the correct foods after working out, you can ensure your muscles repair properly. In addition, you’ll replenish all the stores of energy and nutrients you have used, and your immune system will function better because of it. To do this, be sure to eat and drink something within an hour of working out. Try some of these food ideas to accomplish a quicker post-workout recovery:

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs and Avocado
Protein is crucial for a post-workout meal that promotes quick muscle recovery. Hard-boiled eggs are not only cheap, easy to prepare, and packed with protein, but they’re easy to transport and can compliment a number of food types. By packing a couple of hard-boiled eggs, lightly salted and peppered, and some slices of avocado, you can create a quick post-workout meal with plenty of protein and healthy fats. Add some whole-wheat toast and some greens for a complete meal.

2. A Smoked Salmon Wrap
Another great way to get some protein in an easy meal is packing some smoked salmon. This protein is also flexible and can be easily added to a wrap with vegetables and fats. Perhaps add avocado to salmon as well, or a bit of olive oil or ricotta cheese. Use arugula or beets or possibly even onions to add some bite and fiber. Your choice of wrap is also a great way to inject some flavor depending on what kind you use, and by picking a high-fiber version you can add even further to the nutritional value.

3. Sweet Potato Dishes
Focusing on a good protein is always important in a post-workout meal for muscle recovery. However, it is important to consider what kind of carbohydrate you eat as well. Sweet potatoes are a great food for getting a low-fat carbohydrate, partly because you can add a number of other foods to them. Not only do beans go well with potatoes, but ricotta cheese is another low-fat protein option that works particularly well with sweet potatoes. Accompany a sweet potato with salad and some walnuts, you can boost the amount of healthy protein to eat for your post-workout recovery.

Food is the obvious way to recover well after a workout, but don’t forget your fluids. Room temperature water is an excellent way to rehydrate. In some countries, drinking herbal teas – including Yerba Mate – is also a popular way to boost antioxidants and recovery rates. Just be sure to always strike a balance when it comes to diet!

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