3 Ideas on Matching a Stairlift to Existing Home Decorations

Stairlifts are critical to safety and functionality in the home. However, this does not mean that a stairlift cannot elevate a home’s decor. Indeed, part of the enjoyment of having a stairlift that is ideally suited to the user’s needs is found in its pleasing aesthetics. The ideas explored in this article are intended to help stairlift users consider a choice that suits not just their motivations for getting a stairlift and needs therein, but also the interior design of their home.

The best place to begin is with your evaluation. The company with whom you work to select and design your stairlift system will help you to ascertain your needs and desires. They will have a wide knowledge of tracks and design choices available to you that are pleasing to your eye and to your budget. If you have carpeting, the company may be able to coordinate your stairlift’s track to the shade of your carpet, for discreet modernity and a streamlined appearance that serves to help a space to feel open and flowing.

There are many types of stairlifts available, which provide a wide range of choice for clients, for both their needs and their decor. If the furniture in your home is rounded and soft, a stairlift can be selected that echoes this design in the rounded edges of the footplate, the padded arms, and the curving seat profile. Leather and tweed are frequently available as chair upholstery. If you desire a more modernist approach, stairlifts with a minimalist and streamlined appearance are readily available in a range of price points. A more monochromatic stairlift is again an appropriate choice when looking to promote a sense of openness.

Finally, consider making your stairlift an interesting focal point of your decor. A fabric chair cover can bring together your soft goods, and tie together preexisting colors and patterns around your house. It is possible, for example, to coordinate stairlift upholstery with throw pillows on the sofa or to contrast vividly with the color on the walls. The shade of the metal in the track and support system can provide continuation and visual calm in the space or can be selected to contrast your decor, adding a pop of interest, perhaps by mixing warm and cool tones.

Whatever your choices when selecting your stairlift, know that the options available to you are varied. A stairlift can symbolize so much about your ability to thrive in you home, and should be a celebrated addition to your interior design. Experimenting with your design choices can blur the line between functionality and form, creating a piece of living art that serves to empower you in your home.

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