An awestruck Donald Trump has met Pope Francis at the Vatican for talks and stated his determination to try and bring peace into the world. The meeting, which was fairly short lived, brought the leader of the free world head to head with the leader of the biggest Christian denomination. Trump has declared himself to be honoured to have met the Pontiff. His trip to Italy comes straight after he visited Israel and the Middle East earlier this week.

Some people use storage units because they just have too much stuff and no additional space in Others use them to store their belongings after a property downsize when they are unable to fit everything into their new location. There are also people who have capsule wardrobes, which means they only keep the current season’s clothing inside their home. Regardless of your reason for needing extra storage, you’ll want to make sure your belongings are easy to access when you need them.

When it comes to organizing your storage unit, drawing a simple map that outlines where things are located is one of the best things you can do