An awestruck Donald Trump has met Pope Francis at the Vatican for talks and stated his determination to try and bring peace into the world. The meeting, which was fairly short lived, brought the leader of the free world head to head with the leader of the biggest Christian denomination. Trump has declared himself to be honoured to have met the Pontiff. His trip to Italy comes straight after he visited Israel and the Middle East earlier this week.

However, there are very legitimate reasons to consider using a synthetic or synthetic blend in your Full synthetic oil is considered to be the leading choice because of its ability to provide superior protection to your engine for longer than a blend or regular oil. These better than regular oils were introduced in the 70s as a better alternative. A big problem to consumers was that the price was considerably higher and it made it difficult for people to get better oil put into their vehicles.

You will see a great improvement in fuel economy, experience fewer oil changes because combustion does not contaminate synthetic oil as quickly, and it works better than conventional oil when it is exposed to extreme temperatures

So, next time you are asked which oil to use, you know how to pick what is best for you and your vehicle.