An awestruck Donald Trump has met Pope Francis at the Vatican for talks and stated his determination to try and bring peace into the world. The meeting, which was fairly short lived, brought the leader of the free world head to head with the leader of the biggest Christian denomination. Trump has declared himself to be honoured to have met the Pontiff. His trip to Italy comes straight after he visited Israel and the Middle East earlier this week.

There are a lot of reasons that you may be experiencing urethral pain, and the most abundant would be what When most people first start feeling the signs of a UTI, they immediately think of cranberries or cranberry juice. However, cranberry juice has not been proven to lessen the effects or speed up the recovery from a UTI. The first and most important step to take with your diet to avoid getting one altogether is the easiest to implement.

They also increase the amount of vitamin C that you are receiving, which makes your urine more acidic

Making sure you are hydrated, eating healthy, getting the right vitamins, and keeping your caffeine intake low are all a huge part of the solution